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Colony Wars is a Free Browser Based MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RPG) in Space.

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What is Colony-Wars?

Colony-Wars is a free, browser based MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RPG) where you land on a bare planet and build up a colony, eventually combatting with thousands of other players for dominance of the universe.
  • Free - It's completely free to sign up for Colony-Wars and it's completely free to play Colony-Wars.
  • Browser Based - Being a browser based game means you don't need to download anything to play Colony-Wars. In fact, if you can read this text then you already have the only requirement: a web browser.
  • Massive Multiplayer Online - Colony Wars is an MMORPG. This means it involves hundreds, even thousands of players from all over the world.
  • Space Based - Colony-Wars has a strong Sci-Fi theme and utilizes War, Tactics and Strategy to create an unbeatable atmosphere and community to provide you with hours of free mmorpg gameplay.
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Game Introduction / Storyline:

You must Colonize your bare planet, set your Colony to harvesting the two valuable resources: Energy and Metal. As you build up your income you must research new technologies and build new constructions to better your planet.
You must become militant, designing a range of quirky space crafts to wage war on other colonies, or simply to defend your own from enemy attacks.
Find or steal Asteroids, Meteors and other space debris to set in orbit around your planet for more score and population.
Constantly upgrade your ships to keep one step ahead of your enemies.
Send and recieve messages with your allies and enemies, negotiate peace treaties.
Be part of a fun community and interact in our forums.

Sign up now and join the Colony-Wars - a unique, fast growing and free MMORPG!

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